Vine Trust grew out of a charity gift shop set up in the 1980s in Bo’ness Scotland in response to famine in Africa. Our projects in Tanzania and Peru have now helped nearly 2 million people living in severe poverty.

Connecting People. Changing Lives.

Vine Trust is an international development charity which enables volunteers to provide medical, home-building and care support to communities living in severe poverty in Tanzania and Peru.

Our work involves supporting in-country partners to empower their communities. We also connect volunteers with these in-country partners to create bi-lateral learning opportunities, which promote sustainable development for vulnerable children and families.

We collaborate with local partners and their communities to create effective change by:

  • building individual family homes and larger children’s homes
  • supporting care and education programmes for children and families
  • providing a floating primary healthcare service to remote and isolated communities
  • educating local people on health and disease prevention