(made to measure)

It is very common for someone to already have a full kilt outfit, a full trews suit and they want to build up options like the combinations that we have in our hire outfits. Why not extend your options and add in another tartan to add to your kilts or trews or get an additonal style or colour of jacket to match the tartan you already have?

Trews on their own with a nice white shirt looks very smart and can be a good way to show your passion and pride for wearing tartan, without being as formal as a kilt.

Kilts - Adult from £449, Boys from £349


                                     Our kilts are made with a minimum of 8 yards of either 13oz or 16oz wool.                                       All of our cloth is woven within the UK, and made byour own Scottish kiltmakers.

                                      Our 8 yard kilts are suitable for waist size up to 46". We will use additional                                        cloth for bigger waist size, which will incur an additional of £30-£40 per yard.

                                                          Black Prince Charlie / Argyll Jacket & Waistcoat -                                                          Adult from £349, Boys £299


                                The black Prince Charlie and Argyll jacket and waistcoat is a very traditional look,                                     that will never fade. They also look great with tartan trousers or Trews.

Trews - Adult from £299


Crail Jacket & Waistcoat - Adult from £449, Boys from £369

 The Crail Jacket and waistcoat is a beautiful woollen set.

                             It comes in Peat, Lovat, Moss, Russet, Graphite, Midnight Blue, Graphite,                                Charcoal (pictured) and Twilight.