Dressing Service

To research and make sure that our model was fair, accurate and of a high standard, we have carried out two ‘trial’ dressing services. One with delivery of the outfits on the day and one with collection of the outfits at the shop at two completely different venues with different travel mileage and time. 

The prices below are in conjunction with dressing / delivery within the following postcodes and are calculated to cover wear and tear on the vehicle, insurance, fuel, wages and the services provided. 

FK1 to FK10 (FK8 and FK9 – certain Stirling city center postcodes only) 

EH49 and EH51 

G65, G67 and G68 

Delivery – £20 each outfit (booked dressing service only)

Dressing Service – £30 each person 

Any postcodes outside of the above will require charges for additional mileage, wages, wear and tear etc.  

To make sure that we are giving the best service possible, while making sure it is viable, there are a couple of stipulations we have put in place.  

  1. A minimum of four people to be dressed at one venue / house etc for the postcodes above. Outside of the above postcodes, a minimum of 6 is required. 
  1. If delivery on the day has been booked, each person must come into the shop or request a zoom call a maximum of four weeks before the date, to enable us to make sure that you receive the best fitting outfit on the day. 

We are really excited about this new venture as we are asked frequently if we could be there on the day to ‘get us dressed’. 

The feedback from our two trial services was that it was very efficient, it took away all the stress, not only individually but as a party, getting ready for a wedding. They also felt great knowing that the kilts, plaid, sporran, socks etc were in the correct position.